A different kind of makeover, male to female makeup transformation.

June 15th, 2012 by iberianblackarts

Dee was one of the first customers approaching me for my makeover shoot deal.


I wanted to wait a little while in showing it, since my targeted customer is the female gender, and Dee is effectively a guy.


Since I like a challenge, while it’s quite a different kind of makeover, we booked it in, he wanted to feel more comfortable dressing up and find what suits him as a female.


I was pleased to hear that on the same night he got approached by a photographer already for a shoot after seeing the styling I did on him, so I might have started something for him there 😉

Check out his makeover here.


Makeover with Emma from Playful Promises

June 4th, 2012 by iberianblackarts

Emma is the designer of Playful Promises Lingerie, while I haven’t done any photography work for them as a brand, I worked with them on their website layouts and the magazine in the past, Emma is very involved also with the Kiss Me Deadly brand, so it was nice to have her at my studio for a shoot of her own self!

Everything she is wearing on these images you can get on her website (including the clothing!) www.playfulpromises.com, I am particularly in love with the Dominique longline bra pictured on the right! For Iberian Black Arts clients, PP offers a 25% discount on all their items to help you fund your perfect modeling wardrobe, ask for your code when you book.

Check out Emma’s makeover here.

Makeover with Catherine from Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie

May 15th, 2012 by iberianblackarts

Catherine is the brains behind the femme fatale Kiss Me Deadly lingerie brand, we have been working together on all the imagery for 6 years, and, in the last few, she’s been helping me do the photoshoots for all the new collections (since when I model for my own work, I always got to have an assistant to press the button and make things a bit easier).

Finally, the roles have changed for once, and she came to my studio to have her picture taken last week for the lingerie trade magazines and take part on my little blog.

Follow this link to see the whole shoot!



Makeover shoot with Helena

April 28th, 2012 by iberianblackarts

Helena approached me after I posted about my shoot offer (still a couple of slots left! book now to avoid dissapointment at morgana@iberianblackarts.com) and booked the shoot to match with her trip to UK.

We discussed beforehand about doing a bright eye look, to match the gorgeous Pin-up Girl Clothing skirt in turquoise blue that she is wearing on the left picture.

Have a look at before and after pictures as well as other images from our shoot in my official makeovers blog!


Makeover shoot with Lady Lucie

April 17th, 2012 by iberianblackarts

Last friday I had the stunning 6’2′ and perfectly formed amazon Lady Lucie for a make-over photoshoot at my studio. Lucie is a extremely talented latex designer from London who runs Lady Lucie Latex.


I made her website design and I modeled for her in the past and I have to say her designs are absolutely amazing, and they pull you in all the right places, her clothing is also super reasonably priced and she excels in made to measure both corsets and latex couture, owning a few of her pieces myself.


This was the first time we met in person after being in touch for such a long time, and it makes me glad that I finally had the opportunity to photograph her.

Please check out the rest of the pictures as well as before-after on my blog!


Albert Martincich Couture Dresses

March 29th, 2012 by iberianblackarts

Last week, Jessica-Louise Abidde (best known from cycle 7 of Britain and Ireland next top model) came over to model for me for Kiss Me Deadly lingerie, and at the same time she wanted to get some lovely pictures of a couple of dresses by Albert Martincich, a couture designer from London.


Check out the pictures and more details on my blog!



The Daily Mirror used my picture to illustrate serial killer, and followed apology

March 20th, 2012 by iberianblackarts

Last Saturday, the Daily Mirror published a supplement entitled “Women who kill” featuring real female murderers. One of the women whose story featured in the supplement was Vera Renczi who killed 35 men, including her son.

The Daily Mirror mistakenly published my self-portrait which I took back in 2004 and was up on my Deviant Art page, instead of a real picture of Vera Renczi. Needless to say I was in shock to be featured amongst all these horrible real life murderers!

My picture was both on the cover of the national newspaper, the cover of the supplement, and a full double page spread about said murderer, and I can assure you, I haven’t killed anyone, and I am definitively not a murderer!

I am extremely overwhelmed about all the support from people about this and all the re-tweets from journalists all over the place, including Charlie Brooker who re-tweeted my post to nearly half a million followers. I’m really thankful for your support and comments, and since there has been many people asking to see the apology and the images I thought I would do a blog post talking about it directly (as there has been a few around the net already posting about it).

The Daily Mirror has printed today a public apology on page 2 of the paper. And a reasonable compensation is coming my way soon (my lawyer informed me). So as soon as that settles, I can say the case will then be closed and done with. 🙂

Check it all out on my photography blog here.

Jill Liebisch Beauty shoot

March 15th, 2012 by iberianblackarts

Yesterday I did a portrait photo session with my friend Jill Liebisch (click on her name to go to her modelmayhem) she was after some interesting avantgarde makeup portraits.


We got inspired by the beautiful gothic dolls and decided on this striking look.


visit my blog for more pictures, details, info about the accessories and also a natural before shot.



Make-Over Photoshoot Offer! for a limited time

March 10th, 2012 by iberianblackarts

Iberian Black Arts new photography and makeovers blog!

March 8th, 2012 by iberianblackarts

Remember that make-over shoot competition from Kiss Me Deadly back in November?


Finally we got a winner! Sebrina Wareham from Bristol, and the shoot took place last Monday at my little studio, where all the Kiss Me Deadly magic happens.


Read all about it, and see before and after shots on my new blog:



If you would like to come to my studio, appear on my blog and have a photoshoot makeover looking your best, all you have to do is send me an email with the tittle “make-over shoot” and book it in! All inquiries are most welcome!