Royal Black Couture – My custom Brides of Dracula inspired corset

For the longest time, I had a well kept box, full of beaded lace, silk, tulle, and lace remnants, hoping one day, to have the corset of my dreams come to life. Finding a designer that would be up for the task and do something like I had in mind was not easy, when I heard in conversation that Royal Black Couture & Corsetry was experienced in theatre costume design, and that she offered to make me a corset, my eyes sparkled and soon enough I brought in the box, which she took away to Austria to experiment with.

I have a little obsession since very young with the Brides of Dracula of Francis ford coppola film, one of my favourite movies, I learnt that their garments were stained with tea and aged with stones to look ancient, and I wanted this for my corset. Royal Black did this, and so much more, she deconstructed the beading in some of the lace and added it on top, added organza, that she hand aged, and sewn the tulle, creating a draped broken skirt illusion. After all I wanted this garment to look like I been buried in it, and it came out absolutely perfect.

Other sources of inspiration came from Miss Havisham and Corpse Bride.

Chances are, that I will probably never get married, so I decided this will be my burial costume when the time comes.

I don’t get the chance these days to create images for myself, and selfishly, I made these to my own desire, I couldn’t bring myself to stain this beautiful piece so the blood was added in photoshop afterwards, I wanted a paint/mixed media look, and that’s why it doesn’t look that real or slimy. I wanted to have it a splatter feel to it.

Embellishments apart, the construction of the corset is also flawless, it fits to perfection and gives me more curves than I ever had, in every way. I completely recommend Royal Black Couture and Corsetry to make the outfit of your dreams. And she makes costumes for males too!

The head piece, I made myself using a small deer skull, painted the antlers with gold, and covered it in pearls. I also used the left over tulle for the veil.

Royal Black has just launched their new website, where I am also on the cover!, go check it out because it’s full of amazing work.

Pictures and closeups after the read more tag… 



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