Marianne & Nicolas Makeover

Here’s the second makeover from my stay in Paris!

Marianne contacted me on Facebook enquiring about shooting with her boyfriend, and it sure was not a problem, he even helped me pinning Marianne’s hair up while I was curling it up!

Couple makeovers cost the same if the second person doesn’t need much doing as it’s the case with men, so yeah, couple makeovers are very much welcome, please enquiry.

The products used on Marianne are very similar if not exactly the same as the makeover below so refer to that post for product information.

As Marianne has very curly hair, I recurled it loosely with the GHD’s, that way it was easier to create vintage waves, I assume since her hair is curly already that the style will last better too!

Since everyone is asking on facebook, her tights are by Chantal Thomass.

I hope you like these shots, I think they look fantastic and they make a really cute couple :)

Click on the continue reading link to see the rest of the pictures!


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