Makeovers are back! Iberian Black Arts relocated to Ipswich (Suffolk)

Iberian Black arts recently relocated to Ipswich (Suffolk), now it’s all set up and in order, makeovers are back!

Makeover photoshoots are cheaper than regular private shoots, as the requirement is to have a natural shot taken on the day, before hair & makeup and appear on my blog.

What you get is a 2 hour photoshoot, at my studio in Ipswich town centre for £250 instead of the full rate (£310), including tailored hair and makeup, as well as 4 retouched images of your choice ready for print.

If you want to book in a shoot, and look as stunning as my clients above, make sure to drop me a line to


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  1. n

    Wonderful makeover work, photographer and model work. Honestly, wish I was financially capable to do the shoot with you. :(
    Keep it up with all your wonderful work.

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