Makeover with Laura Fox

Laura is a friend of the Kiss Me Deadly competition winner Sebrina, who I shot a few months back. As a surprise, Sebrina and Laura’s mum bought her a makeover shoot for her birthday, and here are the results, doesn’t she look fantastic?

Laura went for the classic Dita Von Teese look. Lots of eyeliner and a bright red lip.

The corset pictured on the right is by Playful Promises. As a reminder, anyone booking a shoot with me, will get a 25% off Voucher to shop with Playful Promises online.

You can get the corset here, it looks so nice, I might have to cave in myself too, and get one :)

On the pictures below Laura is also wearing the beautiful plum longline vargas girdle by Kiss Me Deadly, which you can get here.

Kiss Me Deadly also offers a discount to makeover clients of 15% off.

If you would like some lovely pictures of yourself or a loved one, feel free to drop me an email to, and I will answer you shortly! :)





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