Makeover shoot with Alex

Alex, from London, came over last week for a makeover.  She wanted some more glamour shots so I am only showing here the fashion looking ones.

We went for a Bridgett Bardot type hair style for this look, which was pinned back and back combed.

For the eyes, I did a smokey eye using MAC patina eyeshadow as a base, and Urban Decay naked palette eyeshadows in side car and dark horse.

I also used a peachy/orangey eyeshadow from Stars makeup haven to warm it up a little and complement her hair.

Finished with Amazing Shine eyelashes (my latest great find! made from human hair and retailing only for £1.99, these are better than MAC ones…).

Lips were Spice lipliner from Mac and Cherish lipstick I believe…

That awesome lace piece is by, and you can get it on Etsy directly from the designer here.

The corset she is wearing on these pictures was made by Ophelia Fancy.

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