Betty Hobcraft for Betty Blue’s Loungerie

This is probably one of my favourite makeovers to date! Here’s Betty, the designer behind Betty Blue’s Loungerie. She makes wonderful loungewear so you don’t have to loose the glamour while at home. I recently shot for her this fabulous robe.

Betty is so extremely talented, having graduated in contour fashion not long ago, she already started her own business, and from what I been seeing, she is heading for success!

It was only a couple of years ago when we did a photoshoot inspired in Alfred Hitchcock with her final collection.

Although you can’t tell, this is her first modeling shoot, and she was absolutely great at it, as she already practiced a good range of poses, and that always helps.

She also brought in all the furniture and fabrics/throws/pillows you see on these shots. As well as making all that she is wearing here (I believe will be available to buy soon! so why don’t you add her facebook page to your “likes” and keep yourself posted?

We did a classic wavey hairstyle and 50′s eyeliner makeup to go with her new loungewear range.

I am really pleased how these pictures came out, I hope you love them too! Check out Betty’s Blog for updates on her doings.

Click on the images to see full size.




  1. Chris Edwards

    Betty, you are one gorgeous looking woman. Feel free to have my children any time you wish. Er, I don’t already have children for you to look after – I meant… Oh you know!

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